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July 6, 2022 | News

Scarlet Health® Announces Collaboration with Teladoc Health

Teladoc Health and Scarlet Health logos

Teladoc Health, a global leader in whole-person virtual care, and BioReference recently announced a new collaboration to offer in-home, on-demand phlebotomy service from Scarlet Health® to Teladoc Health’s Primary360 members, designed to further remove barriers to access and increase convenience thru one, seamless, comprehensive primary care experience that meets people where they are.

Primary360 members will receive health plan in-network referrals and care coordination support; free, same-day medication delivery from Capsule, the leading national digital pharmacy; and in-home, on-demand phlebotomy with Scarlet®.

Much like Scarlet®, Teladoc Health empowers people to live their healthiest lives by transforming the healthcare experience by driving better health outcomes across the full continuum of care, at every stage in a person’s health journey, and Scarlet is the natural extension of the telehealth visits that Teladoc Health offers. With the addition of Scarlet, Teladoc Health saw lab order completion rates increase by 22.5% in an initial trial.

Teladoc Health’s Primary360 program was recently named to the CIO 100 list for achievements in technology, and offers high quality healthcare for millions of individuals, especially those who do not have an ongoing relationship with a primary care provider. As part of Teladoc Health’s ongoing commitment to improving access and health outcomes, these collaborations maintain continuity of care and fully support a range of healthcare needs.

“We are excited to collaborate with Teladoc Health to provide convenient healthcare service options that patients desire and deserve,” shared Richard Schwabacher, Head of Scarlet Health and Chief Digital Officer at BioReference. “This collaboration is indicative of the increasing demand for patient-centric and digitally-enabled services like Scarlet.”

Check out the press release for more details about this exciting collaboration.