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Employee COVID-19 Testing Made Easy

With easy home test specimen collection, Scarlet Health® can facilitate COVID-19 testing for your employees without them sacrificing their work/life balance.

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Leader in Large-Scale COVID-19 Testing

Scarlet® is an innovative healthcare solution developed by BioReference Laboratories. With over 40 years of experience, BioReference has launched a successful large-scale system for COVID-19 testing for many different groups, organizations, and events. Some key areas of success include:

With all of this experience, we are confident we can help you get your employees back to work safely and continue to keep your employees healthy.

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How to Test With Flexible Work Environments

Today there is more workplace flexibility than ever before and businesses across the country are following different practices for getting employees back to work. Using Scarlet can help alleviate concerns around:

  • Juggling a hybrid schedule with employees working on different days
  • Following new government mandates regarding vaccines and testing requirements
  • Preparing for work travel and large in-person events
  • Enhancing your employees work/life balance by easily fitting specimen collections into their busy days whether at home or at work

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Collections At Home or Work

Depending on how your business is getting employees back to work, Scarlet has the flexibility to help. Scarlet can help get your employees tested in two ways. Both options are backed by our experienced Scarlet Health Professionals, your employees will get fast test results in a secure manner.

at home

Employees sign up for an appointment, and a Scarlet Health Professional will visit their home to collect their specimen for COVID-19 testing.

at work

We have an efficient and mobile process that allows for a seamless setup. We work with you to determine a process that won’t interfere with your operations.

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