Lab test collection at your doorstep.

As an MVP Health Care Member, you have access to at-home specimen collection for laboratory testing through Scarlet Health®.

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Your couch is the new waiting room.

Just set up an appointment, and a Scarlet Health Professional will come to you to collect your specimen at the location that works best for you. You won’t have to arrange childcare, transportation or anything else.


Don’t have a lab order yet? No problem! You can request one from your healthcare provider or start with Gia, MVP’s 24/7 virtual care service. Gia will connect you with a healthcare provider who can assess your health needs and prescribe any necessary lab test orders.


Scarlet® will send you an email and a text to schedule your appointment.


Scarlet will come to you to collect your test specimen and send test results to your healthcare provider. You can also view your test results online through the HIPAA-compliant, secure BioReference Patient Portal.

Knock, knock.
Who’s there?

A Scarlet Health Professional

Your trusted Scarlet Health Professional is in contact with you every step of the way. Some things to expect:

  • Email and text message updates and reminders leading up to your appointment
  • A reminder call the day before your appointment where you will have a chance to ask questions and share information (“I’m really not so good with needles.”)
  • Real-time map updates of your Scarlet Health Professional’s travel to your location
Illustration of a Scarlet Health Professional


Looking for test results?

Visit the secure, HIPAA-compliant BioReference Patient Portal to view your test results.

Patient Portal

WHY patients love Scarlet

“I felt like talking to [the Scarlet Health Professional] all day. She really brightened my day.”

– Patient in Los Angelas

“When it comes to medical things I always prefer my native Spanish language, and as I experienced with the Scarlet phlebotomist who came to my house, we only spoke Spanish. So, it’s very comforting to know that I am understanding everything and everything is clear.”

– Patient from Florida

“The convenience of being able to do it at work or from my home is really nice. Sometimes it gets hard to schedule appointments and be running after work to a lab or a doctor’s office – especially if it’s something routine.”

– Patient from NYC

“This makes everything so much easier than having to take time off to go to a specific [lab] site.”

– Patient from New York

“The process has been painless, (for the most part), convenient, professional, and didn’t take much time.”

– Patient from Texas

Scarlet Health blood drops
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Scarlet, an at-home or at-work, fully integrated digital platform provides access to on-demand specimen collection.

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Patient Portal

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